Is Paris dead in August ?


Your friends did warn you :  don’t go visit Paris in August, everything is closed and the few places that are actually open don’t have air conditionning.

So, is Paris that terrible in August? To prove you that it is not, we’ll show you some ideas of what to do in August in Paris, once you’ve done the Louvre and other mandatory spots.

Eat, eat a lot


It's no secret that France is THE culinary country.

Find a spot “en terrasse” and enjoy the sun. And if you are not too keen on eating snails and foie gras, there are lots of savoury options : crêpes, crème brûlée, or icecream from Berthillon when it's really hot.

Foodtrucks are getting really popular, so you can even grab some street food during your stroll.


(A/C) entertainment is the way to go

Even if Paris museums are great, let’s be honest : you want some fun. The easiest activity to cool down is going to the movies, of course. Don't worry, in France the majority of American movies are in original version, with French subtitles. You can even learn a few words of French if you pay attention to the captions !

But watching a movie is quite passive, and you want to interact with the people you are with.

Playing games in virtual reality can thus be the perfect activity for a hot afternoon. You don't know anything about "VR" ? Don't worry, you can head over to VirtualTime, where virtual reality is made available for all.

The VR Specialists have a selection of games, and will explain you how to handle the controllers. And you can multi-play ! As a bonus, VirtualTime does have air conditionning.

If you want to book a session, it's over here !

Hang out by the riverside

To spend your night like a True Parisien, don’t go for the expensive cocktails in bars.

Instead, grab some friends, head over to the closest shop and buy a nice bottle of wine, some cheese and saucisson. Seat on a quay of the Seine, and voilà !

You will be next to groups of youngsters chatting while having a beer, and they are usually very friendly ! Asking them for a corkscrew is an easy icebreaker : they will be thrilled to talk to you and practice their English !